Workshop For Change-Makers

Be the change to change

Workshop for Change-makers is a day long workshops that include classes on Education & Empowerment, Health & Hygiene, Science & the World and Lifestyle Management. Workshops are led by students from renowned educational institutions who train underprivileged students of SSC/HSC/equivalent levels. Aim: to make the participants aware of the many small opportunities available to them, motivate them to be better citizens, encourage them to practice morality and community service.

Target: Girls of SSC/HSC or equivalent levels from the less privileged classes of society.

Why from the underprivileged class:  These girls are the ones who are least aware of small opportunities available to them, and that these opportunities, if well used, can change their lives for the better. They are the ones who most need inspiration; they need to know that there is more to their lives than just a little bit of aimless schooling.

Why girls: If guided well, these girls from poor families can be future leaders, perhaps simply as good mothers; their work will be followed and will encourage their peers. Also, their guidance as good mothers can produce better citizens for a better Bangladesh.

What are the sessions: The workshop is provided with and hour long classes on Education & Empowerment, Health & Hygiene, Science & The World and Lifestyle Management. The girls are grouped into four teams and each team will be assigned to a different class from which they will rotate according to schedule.

Who will take the classes: Teams of students from renowned educational institutes, both national and international, act as trainers. It is ensured that they have the capability to take the classes and fit the necessary requirements. We also bring volunteers who work outside the classrooms to ensure the event runs smoothly. If the venue sponsor is an educational institute and would like its students to participate as volunteers, we of course gladly accept the offer.

General Schedule:

9.45 am: Reporting

10.00 am to 10.30 am:  Orientation

10:30 Team building exercises

11.45 pm to 12.30 pm:  Class 1

12.45 pm to 1.30 pm:  Class 2

01.45 pm to 3.00 pm:  Prayer & Lunch break

03.15 pm to 4.00 pm: Class 3

04.15 pm to 5.00 pm: Class 4

05.00 pm to 5.20 pm: Break for prayer

5.30 pm to 6.00 pm: Ending and certificate giving ceremony

06.00 pm to 6.30 pm: Blood Grouping

06.00 pm: Departure

Orientation & Team building exercises:

The orientation gives the girls a holistic view of the Workshop. They are divided into four teams and their class schedules will be given to them at this point. This will be followed by team building exercises. The exercises demonstrate each individual’s importance in a community, that is, how a well-functioning community can be built from interdependence, trust and confidence. Participants will learn about the importance of clarity in speech and ability to instruct and to follow. This is important since throughout the rest of the day they will be treated as a team.

Education & Empowerment: This is focused on the importance of education beyond that of just reading and writing by rote. It includes career guidelines for those who will achieve GPA 5, for those who will fail to do so and for those who will opt to be housewives. This class also includes two separate exercises on what it is to be a blind student and what it is to be a speech-impaired student. This will hopefully generate empathy for a forgotten part of our society. Correct use and application of education can help the girls change their approach when it comes to managing personal life and jobs and make them more confident and efficient homemakers and workers.
Health & Hygiene: 
This class includes short practical courses on CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) and how to tie tourniquets. Besides this, the trainers will discuss with them about HIV/AIDS – breaking down the myths about the disease while teaching them about possible health hazards from, for example, unsafe blood transfusion. They also discuss reproductive health and personal hygiene. Given the sensitivity of the issues discussed here in the context of our society, the trainers for this class are all girls, with some medical background.

Science & The World: 

This class is on general knowledge based on geography, technology, heritage and current affairs. It serves to break the monotony of the more serious classes and multimedia is used fully in this class. Technology like Google Earth will be used to show them Sangsad Bhaban and the route they’d need to take to reach the venue. Wonderful advancements that had been made in the region of Bengal far before the rest of the world is discussed here, as will be current affairs. Lunar landing and space science is also in the syllabus.

Lifestyle management: 
Just being smart and educated is not enough to contribute optimally to society. Honesty and integrity form the backbone of a successful nation. This class is designed to teach the practical importance of honesty, kindness and sharing through exercises and pledges. These principles can boost self-confidence and help the girls to find inner peace from the self-satisfaction they can gain from every minor achievement. At the same time, incorporating the aforementioned values can help build lasting personal and professional relationships and foster a better living environment at home and at work. Every participants are introduced with an idol person who can motivate their life in a good way.

What will the girls gain from it all:
At the end of the daylong workshop we hope that the participants will emerge as more motivated and inspired women striving to serve Bangladesh and the community as best as possible.

CommunityAction will provide lunch to all the participants and where possible we will also try our utmost to arrange for transportation. At the ending ceremony, all the girls will be given a certificate to show they have successfully completed the workshop.