Action: Step-Up

Action: Step-Up, where an unprivileged needy student has been taken care of under a privileged student Actioneer through monthly scholarship and other stuff. It is an one-to-one action.

CommunityAction involves long term action where Actioneers help the needy but meritorious students who could not pursue their education because of financial difficulties. In Action: Step-Up, generally we try to help students of Higher Secondary level and University freshers.

We fix sponsors for these students and the Actioneers regularly keep contact with them. If students keep up their great results Actioneers provide them extra help such as books, stationary, clothes etc. It’s an easy but full pleasing action.

Actioneers are mentors:

Delegated Actioneer has to mentor his/her candidate once in a month. They contact donors with Step-up candidate’s form including details and inform  them about follow up of the progress of candidate. They Keep a friendly and sibling like kinship with candidates and learn from their struggling life.

We prefer needy but potential students from any area of Bangladesh as candidate for education aid. Who Wants to be good citizen and productive person. Orphansare favored. They need to be responsible and dedicated for continuing study.


Past experience and calculations show us that for each donor only 500 BDT a month is quite sufficient. Bangladeshi students studying in universities abroad by forming groups of  donors can be sponsor. ONLY 10 $ per month * 10 donors = 5 under privileged students in Bangladesh. Monthly 10 USD is nothing to many of us but two persons easily can run someone’s study with that! [ 20 US$= 16oo BDT approximately]

Donors have to sponsor certain candidate at least one year. Donors will be informed about student’s progress through mentor regularly.

Currently, we have 23 candidates from different region including Dhaka. Most of the donors are from Bangladesh.

Recently an organization named “Light for Bangladesh(LFB) Australia” is providing scholarship to 5 highly potential students. They have ensured to bear the expenses for next one year, which is a success for us to spread the action among Bangladeshis who are studying abroad.

Want to be a part? mail to:


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