Speakers’ Circle

When Cicero spoke, men said, “Great speaker, great speech.” When Demosthenes spoke, men said, “Let’s march!”

Community Action launched a two day intense training program on public speaking on September 2010, focusing on producing better Actioneers with good speaking ability.
Because great social change cannot come through the mouths of the silent.

Language: Both Bangla & English, totally depending upon the comfort zone of the participant.

You will be coached in:

  • Basic & Advanced speaking skills
  • Using multimedia
  • Voice & tone modulation
  • How to deal with a hostile audience!

And much more.

Speakers’ Circle’10

Day 1 session: Presentation 101

CA tried to reach students and youths from different background and invited them to join Speakers’ circle, which was conducted by international trainers. The participants firstly were given lectures on public speaking, including lessons on how to sell a product or project, the important requirements of a speaker and his/her proper approach, etc. through outstanding sample speeches and presentations. At the end of the first day training each participants were asked to present a project of CommunityAction the next day with the lessons thought on the first day. The presentations were analysed with constructive criticisms by both trainers and the trainees.

Follow-up: One of the CA Speakers’ Circle participants passed the written phase of the Institute of Business Administration, DU entrance exam and has been called for the viva. She gave a mock viva a few days ago and called us to say, “They said I did awesome! During the viva I was remembering everything I learnt at the Speakers’ Circle about how to sell a project! Thanks!”  She was so happy!

Actioneer Injamam is presenting his speech: Day 2

Are you qualified to apply?

Yes, absolutely! But special preference will be given to those who’ve already worked with CA or those with debating/public speaking experience.

How to apply?    

Write to team@ca-bd.org for a registration form on September.

Registration fee: None


CommunityAction aims at arranging similar workshops for its members regularly.We are looking to create inspirational speakers like Demosthenes.

Come, speak with us!