A brief Overview

Action: Essence of Shadhinota is one of CommunityAction’s prime Recruitment and training Actions. On 26th of March, the Independence Day of Bangladesh, CA invites and recruits a batch of fresh Actioneers (i.e. volunteers) and trains them up in a half-day workshop. The participants are then divided into teams and are given creative assignments, so that they can practically hone the skills taught at the workshop. The entire focus is on celebrating the Independence Day in a meaning and lucrative manner.


To train a new generation of community service workers/leaders, who would be able to offer their whole-hearted services for the betterment of their community, under the spirit of the Independence Day.

Expected Outcomes

The freshly recruited Actioneers are expected to—

–         Help the needy: get experience in community service

–         Get coached in Leadership Skills

–         Learn the concept and values of Efficient Teamwork

–         Learn the basics of Project Planning and Implementation

–         Learn to meet Deadlines and be successful within a Budget

–         Learn and implement the techniques of figuring out creative solutions to social problems.

Action Details

Action: Essence of Shadhinota consists of the following components:

  1. 1.     Recruitment: The interested people are recruited through advertisement in Facebook and other social media tools.
  2. 2.     Training Workshop: It is a half-day workshop held on the Independence Day, 26th March. The workshop includes:
    1. Training session on Human Values.
    2. An introduction to the Mission Vision and Values of CA.
    3. Ice Breaking and Team Building session.
    4. Training session on

i.      Project Planning and Implementation

ii.      Basics of Leadership and Teamwork

iii.      Professionalism in project activity: Meeting a budget and a deadline.

iv.      Paperwork: Techniques of keeping and submitting professional quality project report and financial report.

  1. Brainstorming session: Each team brainstorms and creates a detailed plan for their assignment.
  2. Presentation: Each team presents their plan in front of the experts who criticize it constructively.
  3. 3.     Implementation of Projects: In the following two weeks, the participants carry out their assigned challenges under the mentorship of experienced Actioneers. They have a fixed budget and have to complete the challenge within the budget and deadline.
  4. 4.     Submission of Reports: After two weeks, each team submits-
    1. A detailed Project Report
    2. Fully Professional Financial Report
    3. Presentation on the completed work
    4. Articles, photos and blog posts.

Current Situation

Up to the time of this writing (August 2012), CommunityAction has organized two “Action: Essence of Shadhinota” events, on March of 2011 and 2012. Before that, CA had a different version called “Action: Essence of Ramadan”, held on 2009 and 2010, which is no longer running. The next Essence of Shadhinota is scheduled to be held on March 2013.

The Essence of Shadhinota 2011 event had 23 participants, divided into three teams. The Essence 2012 event had 28 participants, again divided into three teams.


The batches of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 have had the following achievements:
– Arranged for Eid clothes for 50 underprivileged children

– Donated a camera to a paralyzed man to help him start his own business

– Donated equipments to the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP)

– Assisted two disabled street children

– Arranged educational support for “Chotomoni Nibash” orphanage

– Built a library at a shelter home for street kids, ‘Aparajeyo Bangladesh’

– Donated trade equipment to a shelter for homeless children

– Arranged for educational activities at The Dhaka Project School, Dokkhinkhan, Dhaka.

– Arranged for a health campaign at The Dhaka Project, Dokkhinkhan to raise consciousness.

– Distributed two doses of de-worming tablets to 200 people, distributed soaps and raised awareness about hygiene.

– Assisted a poor woman with a sewing machine to help her start a career.

– Assisted a poor man with a tea flask and raw materials to start his own business.

– Raised funds for community service.

– Helped to fulfill certain dreams of some underprivileged children.



CommunityAction had three articles published in the national newspapers on Action: Essence of Shadhinota 2012. The links are given below:

  1. “Creating Pillars for a Better World!” by Raiyan Abdul Baten, Action Leader.


  1. “A Satisfying Venture” by Samira Musleh, Team Mentor.

( or

  1. “Striving to Bring about a Change” by Abdul Kawsar Tushar, Participant.



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