Essence of স্বাধীনতা’2011

“Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” – George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950)

plan, preserve , pull it off!

But that is an old man’s saying. Do WE dread? No! We DREAM. We love freedom as much as we love taking up responsibilities, because we are responsible citizens. So, why wait?

Plan — Persevere — Pull it off !

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Exclusive training workshop held in a school at Dhanmondi with 25 participants.

Sessions started with the speech on theme of Essence of our independence from N. Ahmed Bappy, BUET. After team building exercise and ice-breaking session, Participants took part in a marble-spoon relay-race. Nabila Mirza from Grinnel College (USA) conducted the core part, “project planning and implementation”. After this session, three teams were given their assignment projects and they projected their plans within 30 minutes with the help of mentors. They presented their theme of project, pros and cons, day plan while others were taking part in constructive criticism.
Their deadline was given 10th April’2011.

Aurin Ahsan (IBA) and Bargeen Alam Turja (MM) was in management of the training workshop with help of other Actioneers Nabila Mashnoon, Naila Ahmed, Saraf Wamia, Faria Noor and Rafid Wahid.

After the training sessions

We have received reports, logbooks, accounts and articles with snaps from Essence of Shadhinota teams on due date! Soon those will be published here. The quality of works of newbies are so surprising! It proves again, when you dream alone, that is only dream! When you dream together, that is reality! We dream together, then we work together and dreams become reality! Congratulations to our new Actioneers.

CommunityAction is grateful to Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, Lecturer, CSE, BUET for sponsoring this training event and projects. Thanks to CRP, Baptist Mission School for visual impaired and Autism welfare foundation for their full cooperation.

Here you will have the final reports on,

Click: Team: Jagori

Mentored by Neamah Islam, IBA

Click: Team: Shopno

Mentored by Rakshnda Jihan, IBA

Click: Team: Prism

Mentored by Progga Zaman


Come, smile with us!

Workshop snippets:


By Essence leader Sohaila Ridwan

GS, CommunityAction