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Want to be an Actioneer?  Want to smile with us?

To become an Actioneer the first step is to volunteer at our projects actions. There are two types of Actions:
– Short Term Actions (Action: Ushnota, Action: Piyaju- Beguni etc)
– Long Term Actions (giving constant support to a poor student with studies, giving long term help to the visually impaired people etc).
Though we concentrate mostly with our Long Term Actions, we welcome the new members of the CA family with the Short Term Actions. This way the new Actioneer gets a clear view of our aims and policies, and becomes prepared for the tough tasks of the Long Term Actions, which require much more dedication and skill.

The short term Actions include these three:

1. Action: Piyaju-Beguni (During Ramadan)
2. Action: Essence of Shadhinota (March)
3. Noboborsho (April)

So to become an Actioneer you simply have to participate in any of these Actions! In the meantime, please let us know about yourself, your interests, skills, experience and contact information. Also please join the Facebook page and the facebook group for regular updates!

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