Bangla New Year

While stuck in the long jam and bored of the tiresome waiting, sweating despite the full swing AC going on, we often see a small face knock on our car window asking us to buy a popcorn or a some flowers. As we are often full from a lunch or dinner at a well-known restaurant, we don’t care enough to buy a pack of popcorn. Little do we care that this might be their only way of earning. Sometimes we give a look but most of the time we just have enough energy to shoo them away without even giving a look. Busy with our own affairs and submerged within our own problems, we hardly have the time to see thei lean body with weary faces and torn out clothes – all carrying the burden of a whole family at this young age. Had we looked a little more carefully, we would have seen that most of these don’t even have a support to cover their feet – the two feet that help them through the busy roads to earn a little living.

Thinking of these kids, CommunityAction celebrated the Pahela Baishakh of 1415 by donating these bare-footed street children pairs of sandals to wear. Many people came forward by donating either money or used footwears. With the help of these, CA actioneers donated footwear to street children for six continuous days from April 10th to April 15th, 2009. The smile on their faces that we saw after receiving this small gift, was enough a reward for us.


Color of paradise

last year, Actioneers  herald the new year 1416 by distributing an umbrella-like headgear to the rickshawpullers on the streets.

This project was enough to proof that even a small gift – a small pair of used footwear or a small umbrella was enough to bring a change in  the lives of these unfortunate deprived people of our society.

Action: Choppol