CommunityAction is now Three Years Old!!

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Smile! we're 3

Dear Actioneers, We’re 3!! When CA began its Actions on Dec 16, 2008, hardly any of the Actioneers present dreamt of a day when our membership would span across more than 600 students from over 90 institutes across the world. And yet today, that is a reality. We never dreamt that our Actions would have […]

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Let’s Map The Future

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Come, map the future!

You are completely new to a place and have got an emergency to go to hospital at midnight! Think of the situation, how to know about the nearest hospital, the way to it and the like. If you have a map in hand showing the location and way of the nearest hospital, that can be life savior. OpenStreetMap (OSM) is aimed at creating detailed map for the whole world.

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CommunityAction turns two years old! A message to all Actioneers

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When Actioneers say, “CA transformed our lives”, they’re giving CA more credit than it deserves!
Truth is, Actioneers have transformed CA!

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