Action: Guardians in the Dark

We work with visually impaired students, in fact the only blind student studying in the Teachers’ Training College is there because of our efforts.

Our Slogan: ‘Let me be your eyes’

We fought and got permission to take under-grad admission test in the Jagannath University. We helped to make admission test system easy for visual impaired students in JU. With regular monitoring help of actioneers, one visual impaired girl got 24th position in National University admission test in 2010 session.

We assist them to prepare for their examinations, assignments. We do record their text books, help them to get admission, help them to make braille books. Our Actioneers are always ready to be their writer or reader.

Jahan was the only blind student in her class at Dhaka Univ. She’s got her hons. result- 1st class, 31st among 120 students! What a remarkable performance! Actioneers were always at her side with their eyes-as a reader,as a writer,or as a comfort to her in every possible ways. Actioneers proudly upheld love,compassion and cooperation-

‘When you bestow yourself to smile someone,world becomes so beautiful!’

Fill up this →<Readers form> if you want to be someone’s eyes. Just pay some hours weekly, even if not possible then monthly. Help them to make their study materials. Inspire them, tell them: Let me be your eyes! We’ll inform you when they are in need of you.
Come, be the guardian in the dark!

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