Welcome to CommunityAction


CommunityAction is a student run registered social service organization (Societies Registration Act, registration No. 10268) in Bangladesh. Since its inception, the activists, called Actioneers, have attracted widespread attention through their unique slogan: ‘Even a Smile is Charity’

On Dec 16, 2008, the first small group of Actioneers decided to celebrate Victory Day with a group of children teaching them about this region’s long fight for independence. Since then, we have been running a huge number of activities. Those activities have impact on well over 100,000 underprivileged Bangladeshis. Our activist teams constitute of more than 600 students from approximately 90 institutes across the world.

CommunityAction is a very philosophy-driven organisation! Our, Vision: Moral, Mission: Influential, Value: Professional.

We have a mantra, Actioneers > Actions.

CommunityAction focuses more on Actioneers than its actions. Through their various social service actions and training workshops, Actioneers seek to train themselves to be moral, influential and professional. These are our vision, mission & value respectively. Thus we hope to make each Actioneer an asset for Bangladesh and the world.

Our strengths are,

We focus on training Actioneers.

We concentrate on actions with long term impact.

We highlight creative, low cost solutions to big problems.


Come, smile with us! :)